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Week 2 and 3 of Modern V

Sorry I am late posting this. I had a BAD flu last week.

So are you ready for Week 2 and 3 of Modern V?


This quilt is SUPER cute and you have all chosen such CUTE fabric!

The Quilting Book Club- Blocks complete

For this post you will be doing:

Week 2 - Piecing the blocks
Week 3 - Assemble the Quilt Top
Make sure to post a comment for each week completed!!  You will have until August 22nd to get 
these two weeks completed :)

I love how she made this quilt her own :)

The Quilting Book Club- August- Modern V- Top Completed 

P.S. Check out these two super cute Modern Mazes!

Quilting book club:  Modern Maze

Quilting Book club:  Modern Maze Quilt top

Fresh Fabric Treats Part 2 Plus 5 Winners

First, let's get to our winners for July's Quilting Book Club Weeks 1 - 4.

All of our winners will get 2 charm packs of choice from 1 Choice 4 Quilting. We have lots of projects in our book that uses Charm Packs and you might need them soon *wink*

Winner # 1 - Farmgal

Winner #2 - The Sunflower Patch

Winner #3 - Nicole - arltse

Winner #4 -  WandaFish

The winner from our Fresh Fabric Treats "Shirt Off My Back" Part 1 is Moewest

So now we are ready for Part 2 - Get it sewed up!

Now that you have your fabrics all picked out, let's create this adorable bag!

Tote # 2

Some of you have already completed this assignment and the results...SO PRECIOUS!

Little Tote

Once your bag has been completed, post to our Flickr Group, and leave a blog comment with your Flickr Name :)

The Quilting Book Club- Shirt off my Bag

I can't wait to show off more of them soon!

New Month - New Quilt - The Modern V Week 1

Unfortunately, August is our last month working on Modern Basics from Amy Ellis.

I have loved every bit of it but, I am excited to start a new book too. I am conflicted *laughing*

Since this is our last month of Modern Basics... You have several choices.

You can:
  • Work on the Modern V which was voted by the group as our 4th quilt pattern - kits
  • Complete any other pattern from Modern Basics - in case we didn't get to your favorite quilt
  • Work on your unfinished projects from month 1 - 3
The most important thing this month - Let's get you caught up or working on SOMEthing :)

Just take pictures like we normally do and leave your comment below.

We have also started the new Fresh Fabric Treats and are going to be working on a few of the smaller projects until we officially get started September 1st. I will be posting a separate post for that project.

So let's get started!

  • Week 1 - Pick out fabrics and cut
Coming up!
  • Week 2 - Piece blocks
  • Week 3 - Assemble quilt top
  • Week 4 - Finish the quilt

August Modern V Kits Are Ready!

Today is a great catch up day for those that need to get July's Book Club completed.

Plus, the August Modern V Kits are ready and have been handpicked by our awesome author Amy Ellis.

I hope you love them as much as we do!!

Modern V Kit

July Book Club Week 4 Knotted Squares

I am extending the deadline for Week 1, 2, and 3 to coincide with Week 4.

I know there are many of you that got a little behind and that is perfectly fine!

Knotted Squares Week 2

This week we are completing our Knotted Squares Quilt!

Knotted Squares blocks

I have been taking a look at your quilts and man... they are just GORGEOUS

The Quilting Book Club- July Blocks completed

Can I say how very proud I am of our little group?

finished quilt top

Let's keep it going and make more quilts! Great job everyone!!

Don't forget to get ready for The Shirt Off My Back Tote too :)

Pam has already completed hers and noted

"This picture does not do it justice. It is much cuter in person. It would be so easy to make these in an assembly line. When I first saw it in the book I wasn't impressed but it is very easy and cute."

Shirt off My Back Tiny Tote

I would have to agree...the tote is SUPER cute! Can't wait to make two for my granddaughters!

"Shirt Off My Bag" Tote Bag from Fresh Fabric Treats

I am so excited that we are starting our new book early so we can get even more projects completed from one book!

The book is called Fresh Fabric Treats and it has yummy recipes from all of your favorite Moda Bake Shop Chefs.

Let's get started with what you will need for your first project!

You will need the following "Shirt Off My Bag" Tote Bag:

  • 5 Layer Cake Slices (or 5 10" x 10" Squares)
  • 5 Matching Buttons 
  • Fresh Fabric Treats Book Page 100
Your assignment:
  1. Gather up those slices, the buttons, and the book!
  2. Grab a picture of all and post in our Flickr Group
  3. Come back and leave a comment with your Flickr Name
Due Date:  Sunday, July 31st

Next Assignment: Putting it all together and creating one heck of an adorable bag!

Week 1, 2, & 3 of Knotted Squares & Week 4 Posie Patch Winner

I feel like I keep apologizing for not being able to keep up. However, I honestly truly feel a sense of things coming back to normal.

The wedding that took place in our back yard is over and done with, my ankle is getting better every day, and I grabbed 2 more family members to help run the quilting store.

For once, I feel like I can breathe again.

So let's get us all back on track!!

Our Week 4 Posie Patch winner was.... Erin Weber!

I really love how this turned out!!

I keep seeing all these gorgeous quilts that are getting completed one by one and it makes me so very happy!

I am going to try to get caught up with you ladies too but, no promises *laughing*

So let's get back on schedule and talk about the upcoming schedule :)

This post is for Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 of our Knotted Squares. 

Week 1 - Find fabric and cut
Week 2 - Piecing the blocks
Week 3 - Assemble the Quilt Top

Make sure to post a comment for each week completed!! We will be giving away a Jelly Roll or Layer Cake of choice to 3 different winners.

This post will run into July 24th and we will switch over to Week 4 - Quilting your Quilt.

Information on next month's project - 

For the fourth and final month of Modern Basics, the group has chosen to do the Modern V on page 15.

However... since this is the last pattern from this book, you can do any pattern you want to qualify OR you can also finish up any projects that you have not completed yet.

Our Next Book - Fresh Fabric Treats

I will start posting assignments for our next book this Friday the 22nd. Our first project is small, easy, and should only take a few hours to complete.

Our goal starting a bit early is to allow us to try out more patterns from one book and really get our money's worth :)

You will need the following "Shirt Off My Bag" Tote Bag:

5 Layer Cake Slices (or 5 10" x 10" Squares)
5 Matching Buttons

Most of you will have this in your stash :)

I believe this book is just a stepping stone to so much more. Those of you with more experience will step in and add some sugar and spice of your own. I for one cannot wait to see what you create!

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